Complexity: Low
Time required: 1 hour
Material required: pen

References: Nesta’s DIY Toolkit,

What is it for?

Having a clear idea of who you are serving is pivotal.
The customer segment tool is a great way to have an overview of what your beneficiaries, customers and financing supporters looks like and is a great way to start thinking about the various elements of your model: value proposition, customer relationship and impact possibilities.

How to use it?

The first step is to define which customer target you are segmenting and give them a name. Next, draw a picture of them or take a picture and place it in the box. This helps you visualize who you are designing for. The following step is to clearly define their need(s) and how you are meeting that need (value proposition). The next two boxes concern the market size of your offering and how many of them can be reached. Thought should then be given to what kind of relationship will be created between the organization and the group, what is given and received and how it can grow.