Complexity: Low
Time required: 1 hour
Material required: pen, post-its
Other: Try to include people who have a good understanding of the context in which the solution is to be created.

References: Flanders Service Design Toolkit,

What is it for?

The SWOT Analysis is an analytical tool used to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that an organization has. It is helpful to perform a SWOT Analysis before the start of the project so as to test the idea or the strategy. The analysis leads to a deeper understanding of the solution’s offer, what opportunities it has and what should be worked on. It can also lead to further ideas on who to ask support from and how to better strategize success.

How to use it?

The tool can be completed individually or in groups for the entire organization or for single projects and ideas. It can be completed in any order but it may prove useful to start by working on the internal factors and then moving on to the external factors. Remember that the analysis is only useful if done with a critical eye, so be open to criticism and share the activity with others!