Complexity: Medium
Time required: 3 hours
Material required: pen, post-its
Other: Try to include people who have a good understanding of the individuals and other organizations who are or might be involved in the solution.

References: Transition Social Innovation Journey Toolbox,

What is it for?

The stakeholders map is a great tool for understanding who your partners are or might be and what role they play or could play in your organization. It also allows you to visualize who you are targeting with your solution, what role they could play in your strategy and how your direct stakeholders work together
to reach them and by what means.

How to use it?

Start by jotting down who is involved in co-managing the solution: internal personnel and proactive stakeholders and beneficiaries. Then move outwards and list your strategic stakeholders and technical providers who might co-design and co-produce the solution with you. Conclude by noting down the stakeholders who are impacted by the solution and dividing them into groups: those with whom you may have consulted for advice and insight when designing the solution and those who are merely informed of the solution.