Complexity: High
Time required: app. 40 hours preparation for a 3 member team, needs occasional review
Material required: A4 papers, pens, markers, post-its

References: The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation –, Innovation Network Denmark and partnerships Netmatch –

What is it for?

The purpose of arranging an innovation competition is to identify and inspire potential social innovators to come out with their ideas. Participants can include individuals, freelancers, NGOs, micro-companies… – all who aspire to further develop their idea, receive some feedback and become a part of a team with needed, complementary skills. This tool consists of a series of steps that will help you design your challenge, invite the right target groups, select judges, promote the event and prepare criteria for the selection of best ideas. The steps are logical and simple in a way that will help you in the process. For your competition, decide whether the best team gets money or enters into the training/mentoring programme.

How to use it?

Tool template consists of important steps to have in mind whenorganizing the event. It is a planning tool that can help you address important event elements Innovation competition should have. It represents a roadmap for organizers. Print out the planning tool and discuss the steps with the organization team. Use this template as a brainstorming tool to list your steps in the process. Think about how to accomplish every step on the roadmap and review it several times during the organizing process. Use other tools in other sections (e.g. Identify your challenge, Social media campaign, Content Strategy Board) to help you identify specific steps within the process.