Complexity: Medium
Time required: 60-120 minutes
Material required: Worksheet, sticky notes or paper cards, pens
Other: You can use values cheat sheet

References: DIY toolkit by Nesta

What is it for?

Shared brand values will help you answer “Why you do what you do” by enabling you to describe the values which are embodied in your personal work and in your social innovation brand.
These values are probably more influential than anything else in shaping what you do and defining them can be very useful when trying to explain your work to other colleagues and partners. Once the values are defined, they can be shared and act as a common reference point that simplifies and speeds up decisions, whilst also ensuring consistency in the work that you do.

How to use it?

Start by individually writing down on a piece of paper or a seriesof cards, what you feel is most valuable for yourself as well as forthe brand. Think of these personal values as the things thatmake you feel truly alive and passionately committed to what youare doing in your organisation and in terms of the brand.
For one person it might be thingslike helping others, for another it might be creativity or innovation,for someone else it might be honesty, ecological awareness orleadership.
Write down a lot of them – even the ones that you areaware of but are less important to you.If you need help you can use the values cheat sheet. When you have noted down a wide range of values (ten or more),place them in the relevant fields on the worksheet. Don’t worryabout getting it right first time – swap them around until you havethem in the right place.
o focus your activities, have a maximumof five in the ‘Always important’ column.Ask your other team members to do the same. Once all theirworksheets have been defined, these can be shared and agreedupon. Showing your completed worksheet to someone who knowsyou well and asking for their feedback helps clarify what is importantto you. Together you can establish what values are important tothe brand as a whole.