Complexity: Medium
Time required: 2-3 hours
Material required: pen, whiteboard, post-its
Other: The activity must be done in a group.

References: References: Design for America (Process Guide)

What is it for?

The Pugh chart is a tool used for evaluating multiple options against each other. Rather than basic consideration of the pros and cons of each funding option, the Pugh chart gives a holistic overview of the needs, goals and other important criteria for the team versus the available alternatives. Ranking the criteria keep the team’s focus and reveals “winners and losers” at an early stage.

How to use it?

The team is asked to set a list of criteria based on their goals, needs and limitations and put them on the left side of the matrix (in the case of the funding opportunities this list can include impact achieved by the particular funding option, required cost and time, complexity etc.). The weight is attributed to each criterion according to its importance to the team. The series of the funding options for the innovator’s team is listed on the right side of the matrix (grants, crowdfunding campaigns, loans, equity investing etc.). The team is than asked to evaluate each funding option against the criteria (the example below lists possible ratings of the funding options with “+” and “-“ ). Finally, after scoring of each option, the total score is calculated. Team can proceed in order to improve the concepts and synthesize the concepts. In addition, more advanced model of Pugh chart can be created if the team selects one option as a baseline according to which it will compare and evaluate other options (for instance, grants are the base and other options are assessed in comparison to the grants). Moreover, ratings of the each option can be multiplied with the weight assigned to each criterion
in order to obtain a comprehensive picture.