Complexity: Medium
Time required: app. 5 hours preparation for a 3 member team
Material required: power point presentation; pen, whiteboard, post-it


What is it for?

There is a number of ways to present your idea.
One is to present it in a power point presentation and the other one for planning a presentation is an idea canvas presented below. In your presentation, try to be as visual as possible, including videos and photos. Also try to be concise but straight to the point in your presentation. If you are presenting in a restrictive form such as Pecha Kucha 20×20 (20 images x 20 seconds) keep to the restrictive timing. Otherwise keep to the rule that peoples’ concentration falls after 10 minutes and definitely after 15 minutes.
The planning will help you in preparing your concise message that can be than presented in a visual way.

Some examples:

  • Elevator pitches, a presentation so short you could pitch it to someone in an elevator.
  • Pecha Kucha 20 seconds x 20 images is a bit longer than the elevator pitch, but the idea is the same: short, concise presentations.
  • TedTalks – spreading ideas through social media and embedding individual talks in contextually relevant ways on non-commercial websites using embed code on

How to use it?

Tool template consists of several steps and a table for executing this activity. Follow the instructions for achieving maximum results.