Complexity: Medium
Time required: 60 minutes
Material required: People and Connection map sheet, pens

References: Nesta’s DIY Toolkit

What is it for?

The People & Connections Map is a visualization tool used to identify stakeholders you are trying to reach and how. It is a tool for mapping actors that surround you that could potentially become your partner, user or supporter. These might include people, communities, funders, networks etc. All of them can represent a resource to your innovation and link to your group goal or your innovation.

How to use it?

Start from the center point of the tool by listing your target audience (beneficiaries, users, customers) who can benefit from your idea. Then work towards the outer layers and list stakeholders that surround you or are somehow related to the work you do. The closer they are positioned to the center point the stronger is their influence or value. Once you fill in the worksheet, revise the input, one by one, and reconsider possible repositions together with your team. By reviewing the stakeholders you will encourage team discussion and gain better understanding of relationships and connections you are trying to build. When finished, you will get a clear, visual stakeholder graphic to help you highlight and communicate the main focus
of your work.