Complexity: Medium
Time required: 90 minutes
Material required: Manifesto worksheet, A4 papers, pen (optional: markers, post-its)

What is it for?

These days, brands do more than just represent a product or service. They also personify a set of beliefs and lifestyles, a list of rules and goals. Increasingly, consumers are interested in the values represented by their hard-earned purchases.
And companies are responding with manifestos. A brand manifesto, done well, is more than a catchy way of identifying what makes your brand unique. It’s your plan for a better world, a declaration of independence, and a moral compass that will guide and define your brand.

How to use it?

A manifesto outlines your intentions and motivations and serves as the foundation for a strong brand culture.
You can’t write a manifesto without showing your personality. Some brands are very formal, diplomatic or institutional.
Others are pragmatic. Some are radicallyoutspoken. Great manifestos don’t beat around the bush. Great manifestos have a tone of voice that becomes an unmistakable, inimitable part of the brand. Ask yourself: What’s the essence of your social innovation? What doesit want to accomplish? What is the driving force behind it? Who will it help or what will it improve?
What kind of world do you want to live in?What are the key truths you believe in? Start by mapping out what’s most important for your social innovation, thenfinishing the sentencesin the worksheet using the elements you mapped and then continue with writing down stream-of consciousness style.
Select the most impactful and memorable lines and synthesize it into a one-page manifesto.