Complexity: Medium
Time required: 2-3 hours
Material required: pen,whiteboard, post-its
Other: The activity is done in a group.

References: Community Sustainability Engagement (Evaluation Toolbox)

What is it for?

The Logical Framework Matrixis tool that indicates the key factors that lead to achievement of the project goals. It provides a clear and concise summary of the project accompanied by a hierarchical list of objectives and indicators, as well as means, resources and costs implied. As such, it is a highly effective tool to start with when deciding on the choice of funding opportunities. For you as a social innovator it will help you in creating a structure for your project idea if you are truly at the beginning and do not know yet in which direction to go thus need to create a logical structure that includes a clear overall goal and specific objective, expected results, activities, and needed funding and other resources. This tool will help you in determining whether to go after the grants (e.g. EU funds) or you need a combined funding source (e.g. crowdfunding and grants or grants and loans). The tool is recommended in the process of project planning and development even when it is not required under a specific call.

How to use it?

The Logical Framework Matrix consists of the four columns that establish a hierarchy for the project. Each box must be completed with both its vertical and horizontal partners in mind. Additionally, the table must be completed with both forward and reverse logic functioning. Specifically, while it is an easy task
to simply complete each box in and of itself, it is important to be able to follow the connections between each object (e.g. overall to specific objectives to results to activities) in both forward and backward fashion, (e.g. z resources ensure y means which provides for x activities to be implemented which generates w indicators that demonstrate the accomplishment of v results, etc.). This requires an integrated approach in which both individual aspects are considered while at the same time considering their interrelation to the overall project.