Complexity: Medium
Time required: judging time depends on the pitching session duration
Material required: criteria sheet, pens

References: BIG IDEAS @Berkeley Toolkit

What is it for?

Judging criteria list is a spreadsheet containing important questions /directions for judges to evaluate and score participants idea in the social innovation competition.

How to use it?

For the event organizer:

  1. Print out the criteria sheets and distribute it to your competition judges (one sheet per idea).
  2. Make sure judges evaluate each idea during the pitching session and mark their notes /answers on the sheets.
  3. Judges/organizers use these notes to rank ideas or select the best ones.


  1. You can distribute the sheets to the teams as well. Criteria list will help them prepare the pitch in a more efficient way.
  2. Make sure your judges are experts in the social innovation field and other co-related areas (e.g. investing, design, marketing).