Complexity: Easy
Time required: 30-60 minutes (depending on the number of ideas)
Material required: Idea sheet templates, pens for voters


What is it for?

Idea rating sheets are an effective voting mechanism used for idea selection. This method is used when you want to achieve democratic voting from the contest participants. You can include judges, facilitators and other participants (e.g. spectators) in the voting process.

How to use it?

After Idea pitch, ask your teams to fill in the Idea rating sheet (one idea per sheet) and post in on the wall or layer them on the tables. All participants read every Idea rating sheet, consider other team’s idea and fill in one dot per sheet to record their opinion of each idea on a scale of “strong agreement”, “agreement”, “neutral”, “disagreement”, “strong disagreement” or “confusion”. Participants sign each sheet they dot and may choose to add brief comments. After the dotting process comes to an end, facilitators (organizers or judges) collect sheets and sort them by topic and level of agreement. The hosting group formulates a plan that selects, combines, prioritizes and/or finds compromise among the popularly agreed ideas with minimal disagreement. The decision is publicized and the hosting group is held accountable to the original preamble provided and the idea rating results.