Complexity: Medium
Time required: half day workshop format, for a 3-5 member team
Material required: The Ideas Canvas sheet or recreate this diagram on a large piece of chart paper or a whiteboard, pens, post-it notes

What is it for?

An Idea Canvas is a diagram that is used to design the strategy needed to execute an idea. This tool helps the innovation contest participant to formulate their idea and prepare for the pitching session. Idea Canvas provokes team’s critical thinking and helps them visualize the strategy needed to execute the idea.

How to use it?

This is a very simple and highly effective tool consisting of nine interdependent sections that is used to define, develop and implement idea. It is organized around a series of fluid questions and relationships rather than rote instructions. It encourages team discussions around the multiple forms of value offered by the idea.
Within the Social innovation competition the facilitator needs to organize the workshop session for teams to develop their ideas into visual concepts using the Idea canvas. Set minimum 2-3 hours of your SI competition for executing this activity.

  1. Let teams work independently on creating their Idea Canvas and refine their initial idea.
  2. Divide teams and rotate selected judges (experts) to help the teams create their Idea Canvas. Using this method teams will gain new insights and deeper understanding of the complexity of their idea and its execution.