Complexity: Low
Time required: app. 8 hours preparation for a 2 member team
Material required: A4 papers, pens

References: European Commission, European Social Innovation Competition @EUSocialInnov #diogochallenge

What is it for?

Usually every open social innovation competition starts with Call for ideas. Call for ideas involves asking a wide range of people to submit their ideas for innovative products, services, project, initiatives, strategies for specific social challenges.
In this phase your objective is to design a question sheet which is in line with your competition goals and provides you a clear overview of participant’s idea.Thistemplate helps organizers of the Social innovation competition in designing a simple entry form. Open call is the process in which organizers are trying to detect, assess and compare innovative ideas. Because so, it is important to create unified application form that contain specific instructions for participants to follow.

How to use it?

Tool template consists of several steps for executing this activity. Follow the instructions for achieving maximum results.
Each form can be adjusted and the organizer can ask more or less questions about the idea. Each participant needs to fill in the form to be eligible for the competition. Forms are usually filled and submitted online. They also enable the organizers to assess participants and their ideas and prepare in a more constructive manner in terms of selecting experts/mentors and judges. Depending on a local context, participants can tweet or not their ideas.

Additional tips:

Try to think of the optimal channels to disseminate and distribute the Open call information to reach your target participants (see Social Media).