Complexity: Medium
Time required: 2 x 2 hour sessions for 3 member team
Material required: Challenge Designer sheet, pens
(optional: A4 papers, post-its)

Other: This process can be time consuming so make sure your team is motivated and devoted not only to plan, but to execute the innovation competition event.

References: 100%Open Toolkit

What is it for?

This tool is a first step when designing a challenge as a part of the innovation competition. In order for the innovation competition to be successful and attract enough audience, a team of organizers (innovation center) should use this template to answer several questions. These questions will help the team defining the main challenge of the competition, how to select winners, judges, what is the selection process and others. Challenge your design tool can encourage you to systematically design open innovation event and hunt innovative ideas worth developing.

How to use it?

Designing the challenge can be accomplished in two working sessions. In the first session gather as group to discuss challenge design. Set challenge objectives and try to define each step in the working sheet. Also, see if there are any gaps or team disagreements on specific topics. When you define gaps do your research and gather on the second session to finalize the challenge and get mutual group consensus on your challenge objectives, selection processes and other important challenge features.