Complexity: Medium
Time required: 30-90 minutes, (groups of) 2-8 participants.
Material required: print-out of the scoring wheel, and of the
guiding questions per quality.

What is it for?

The Transformative Impact is designed to stimulate learning and critical reflection in order to gain a better understanding of the transformative impact of an initiative in relation to it’s context. The tool also helps to identify actions and interventions that can increase the transformative impact, i.e. the degree to which the initiative can help to challenge, alter or replace dominant institutions and structures.
The tool can be applied in many different types of settings:
ranging from using it as a discussion tool in an educational setting or within an initiative or as a participatory tool with a
wider group of stakeholders. The tool can also be used by intermediaries and funders to compare and evaluate different
initiatives, or as a core component of a monitoring & support strategy for social innovation initiatives.

How to use it?

Three steps to the tool:
• 1. Ensure that there is a clear, shared understanding of the initiative you will be discussing and ‘scoring’. (what, how, who)?
• 2. Discuss amongst each other how the initiative scores on the various qualities with the help of the guiding questions.
• 3. Discuss how the initiative might be developed and/or supported to increase its transformative impact on (some of) these qualities.