Complexity: Medium
Time required: 2 hours
Material required: pen

References: Transition’s The Social Innovation Journey Toolbox,

What is it for?

The Customer Journey map is a visual interpretation of the user’s relationship with the organization, service or product. While the story is told from the user’s point of view, it also highlights important moments where the user’s expectations intersect with the organization’s offer. It is a useful strategic tool that keeps the customers, beneficiaries and donors at the center of design decisions, highlighting pain points and opportunities for the organization to create a better user experience and an effective service.

How to use it?

First, individualize the user you will be designing for and map out the main phases of their journey throughout the service. (You can also consult your service blueprint.) Then draw sketches of the phases in the boxes or take pictures and use photo to sketch technology to convert them into sketches. Afterwards, provide explanations of the phases to create a story of the user’s journey. At each step along the way, identify the need that the user has at that moment and the channel or touchpoint through which this is met. Touchpoints pinpoint the intersection between the users of the service and the providers and thus how the user interacts with the service itself. At the end of the activity, detect what the possible pain points are, or rather where the beneficiary, customer or donor may have problems or difficulties using the service. Remember that pain points can also occur before or after the service in terms of their decision to use or re-use the service.