Complexity: Medium
Time required: app. 15 hours preparation for a 3 member team
Material required: pen

References: Content Strategy Board sheet, pens, post-it notes

Gamified Startup Toolkit

What is it for?

It is usually difficult to start and develop your message or select the right target audience and the most appropriate social media tools. This tool will help you and your team in preparing the best event communication strategy and develop a social media campaign. This table will help you in assessing your content, message, communication technology/channels and frequency for content dissemination. It will also help you in assessing whether some content gets low/medium/high attention and is effective or less effective. It is a very helpful tool to assess and adjust your strategy mid-term for best results.

How to use it?

This activity includes listing all elements needed to create an online dissemination strategy for your event. After listing Content types, have a group discussion on other execution elements such as picking the appropriate channel and deciding on the frequency of online engagement. Try to engage a team member that has experience in social media marketing to help you address the benefits and lacks of each social media channel. Have in mind that this is your communication strategy and you should follow and execute the plan defined in this Board.