Complexity: Medium
Material required: Capital System Methodology spreadsheet, pens
Other: Try to include people who have a good understanding of the social problem and the context in which the solution is to be created.

References: CSM can be done individually or in a group work

What is it for?

Capital System Methodology is a tool to assess organizational intellectual capital. Intellectual Capital includes assets as Relations capital, Human capital and Structural capital. All of them produce intangible value for the organization and should be assessed. This is a visualization tool that helps teams focus
and detect their intellectual resources and plan how to develop the ones that they are lacking.

How to use it?

The goal of the activity is to gain overall view of the intellectual capital. Group members need to fill in each branch of the graph by giving it a score (0-4). 0 is the minimum and 5 is the maximum. When all marks are joined the result is a figure which is supposed to be filled in order to highlight an area. Highlighted area represents resources group can count on, and the missing areas represent the resources group should consider to improve or to build upon.