Complexity: High
Time required: 120-180 min
Material required: Brand formula template, sticky notes, pen

What is it for?

Brand Formula tool is focused on envisioning brand for your social innovation. Use it for:

  • Rapid defining the essential elements of your brand
  • Thinking about how your social innovation transfers to visual and verbal identity
  • Brainstorming the myriad ways your brand can interact with different types of stakeholders via different channels and means

How to use it?

Work from the center starting from the yellow and lighter areas and progress to the darker ones: from the Brand nucleus (vision and mission, promise andaudience) to the verbal and visual identity aspects, and finally brand interactions means
and channels.

  • Use sticky notes for your intuitive answers and remarks
  • Keep it short and precise. Don’t use paragraphs or bullet lists on one sticky note
  • Keep the template on a wall to have big picture in your mind