Complexity: Medium
Time required: 90 minutes
Material required: 12 Basic Archetype Cards, sticky notes,
paper, pens

Other: Computer for online archetype assessment, if convenient

References: Carl Jung.

What is it for?

Archetypes are a concept originally conceived by famed Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. In marketing, a brand archetype is a genre you assign to your brand, based upon symbolism.
The idea behind using brand archetypes is to anchor your brand against something iconic—something already embedded within the conscious and subconscious of humanity (we intuitively “get” archetypes). In the minds of both the brand owner and the public, aligning with a brand archetype makes the brand easier to identify.

  • Recognizing brand’s archetype
  • Understanding the dynamics of the category your brand operates in
  • Development of compelling brand personalities

How to use it?

  • Review all archetypes and consider what might be most appropriate to apply to your social innovation brand
  • Combine with online archetype assessment, if possible