Complexity: Medium
Time required: 2-3 hours
Material required: pen, paper, whiteboard
Other: If the activity is done in a group, the team can be divided into several small groups, which will be in charge of the different parts of the BP Summary.

References: Transnational Network for Social Innovation Incubation

What is it for?

The realization of the project will largely depend on its concise and clear presentation and ability to arouse curiosity of the potential investors. While the business plan includes details regarding financials, marketing, scaling etc. and requires substantial time for its evaluation, the BP Summary gives a short overview of the key points that might be appealing for the investors.

How to use it?

The team can be divided into smaller groups each assigned with different area of BP Summary to fill in or it can be done in group by discussion of each section and finding the most concise and appealing statement/figure for each part of the BP Summary. There are several key points that need emphasizing in BP Summary in order to attract the interest of the investors: to the impact investors it is crucial to present the impact the project will obtain, then present its sustainability (sales projections, market research results, important partners etc.), required funding and the usage of the funds. The observed financial horizon should be 4-5 years.
The main goal is to give succinct and precise review of the business plan that will immediately grasp the investors’ attention.