What will you find here?

Building public and local community relationships can be the most important communication activity undertaken by an organization, yet it is often overlooked. For social innovators it is important to get to know their neighborhood and to get involved with local initiatives. This will in turn help raise awareness of their social innovation, as well as being a great opportunity to get to know their stakeholders and competitors. Since any organization can expect to communicate with a range of community audiences including employees, shareholders, creditors, consumers, the media, the general public and government agencies, an effective communication plan needs to be implemented. This module includes tools for effective community oriented communication and public relations, which should result in community building and raising awareness of the social innovation.

What will you learn?

01 How to summarize your social innovation values and goals in form of a manifest

02 How to control your social innovation’s reputation

03 How to choose and use social media channels

04 How to prepare press release and execute distribution