What will you find here?

This learning module will give you an overview of tools to help you define the social problem at its core. While quite typically, social innovators know the problem quite well – whether they are directly affected by it or have a close but indirect connection to it, exploring the problem beyond the initial lens is essential towards finding effective solutions. The tools provided will in fact encourage the innovator to reframe the problem to better fit the challenge and the desired impact.

What will you learn?

Through this module you will learn how to define the problem by taking a look at not only the immediate circle of stakeholders affected by the problem but the surrounding context as well (e.g. cultural and political factors, macro-economic conditions, market analysis etc.). Once the condition-setting factors have been fully investigated, attention will be placed on the final users/beneficiaries and paying customers through an immersive analysis. Finally, a check will be performed to test whether or not the newly, reframed social challenge is ready to be tackled.