What will you find here?

This module is focusing on the initial steps for preparing the event – Social Innovation competition. Although you may have already organized many events, this module will give you a detailed systematic approach in organizing the competition so that you efficiently use your resources and achieve the biggest impact. Think of this tool as a road map for organizers when preparing the event and addressing the most important elements, target groups and communication tools.

What will you learn?

The first step in preparing an innovation competition is to identify and inspire potential social innovators to come out with their ideas. In this module, you will learn:
01. where to start in designing the SI competition,
02. how to define the main challenge of the competition,
03. how to select winners, judges,
04. what is the selection process,
05. how to decide on who to invite in the call,
06. how to design a social media event and
07. how to design a communication strategy and pick the best tools.