What will you find here?

In this module, social innovators will learn about the marketing communications, particularly Integrated marketing communications (IMC) defined as “the organization, planning, and monitoring of marketing components and data to control and influence brand information, associations, and experiences”. In other words, IMC is essentially the bridge between marketing and branding.

Marketing communications falls into various categories relating to marketing to the public, from advertising, promotions, sales, branding and online promotion. It is a symbolic tool that helps organizations interact with their many stakeholders in the market by promoting their products or services to them. But, in order to gain success in marketing, both the organization and members of the public must be involved. The best results are achieved by using different marketing channels and tools in combination.

What will you learn?

01 What is 7P marketing mix and how to use it

02 Recognizing competition and seeking opportunities

03 How to plan marketing activities