What will you find here?

This learning module will give you an overview of different ways to identify the actors in your environment that could share your social innovation journey. With this tool, you will be able to get a better understanding of the challenge you are trying to solve and build on your capacities to innovate. How can involving stakeholders help you in achieving sustainability? In a number of ways:

01 Knowledge of the topic/geographic area and/or a local environment in which you are trying to implement your social innovation

02 Easier access to target end-users

03 Easier scalability

04 Knowledge and access to resources especially if you are including local, regional and national governments or potential investors who could potentially fund your innovation

05 Media/social media channels – great stakeholders for disseminating and creating visibility of your innovation

06 Community building around your social innovation


In conclusion, involving stakeholders will improve the sustainability elements of your innovation and increase the opportunities to exploit the potential of social innovation.

What will you learn?

When using the tools you will learn to create a multidimensional canvas of stakeholders. More specifically, you will be able to design a network of stakeholders by assessing these three approaches:

01 Stakeholder’s relationship with your target audience

02 Stakeholder’s relationships with the innovation process and stages

03 Stakeholder’s motivation and personal drivers for engagement