What will you find here?

This learning module will provide an overview of tools to help define the right funding strategy to achieve the desired goals. Selection of the funding strategy will inevitably include an overview of already accomplished actions as well as available resources in terms of staff and time, the target amount of funds, associated costs, external factors influencing project etc. All these factors need to be considered so that you can make an appropriate decision.

What will you learn?

Through this module, you will learn how to define key factors that influence achievement of project goals. An estimation of the different funding options is workable once these factors have been recognized and prioritized. As the result, definition of one or several complementing funding strategies is possible. Provided tools are just samples that will help you in identifying the right resources especially if you still are not sure which direction to take and how your idea will shape up (as a project which needs funding from EU funds; products that requires loans or angel investor funding; or some great campaign that can be funded through crowd-funding). These tools will help you get a start.