What will you find here?

This module will take you a step further in executing the Social Innovation competition event. It consists of a series of steps and practical tools that will help you in working directly with teams or facilitators/mentors on refining teams’ ideas and turning them into visual concepts, evaluating the ideas, preparing a winning presentation and pitching the idea in front of the judges and broader audience. It will also help you in defining criteria and scoreboard for judges in selecting the best ideas and the teams.

What will you learn?

This module will help you implement the SI competition in the most effective way and will help you in working with facilitators and teams in refining, presenting and evaluating the best ideas. Concretely it will help you in the following:

01 how to define, develop and implement idea by using the Idea canvas tool

02 encouraging team discussions around the multiple forms of values offered by the idea

03 exploring and finding the best tool for presenting the idea

04 helping teams in preparing a presentation so that their idea is clear, concise and so short that it could be “presented to somebody in an elevator”

05 defining a criteria and score-board for judges and help you in preparing them for the task

06 rate ideas and select the best teams that will enter the training cycles.