What will you find here?

This learning module will give you an overview of how to design a new product or a new service taking into account user experience and organizational flow. The module builds off the research and knowledge around the problem and the selected idea developed in the previous modules to transform the idea into a consolidated concept to be later prototyped and tested.

What will you learn?

Through this module you will learn how to map out the customer’s experience of the product or service delivery from their point of view. Not only will this process help you develop your concept based on user experience, it will also help you understand where there could be possible pain points to innovate on, which in turn might contribute towards further adapting the original idea. Part of developing the concept is planning for sustainability. In the module, you will learn how to design a business model around your concept that also builds off of your stakeholders and their engagement. The last step in developing the concept is to plan for impact. Doing so, allows you to have a strategy that guarantees that your concept is going to take you to the impact that you want to achieve.