What will you find here?

Organizations, like people, have personalities that are defined by character on the inside, and translated to the outside through an identity. An identity is the expression of who you are and what you stand for. You can express yourself through words (verbal identity) and visuals (visual identity). The point of developing a brand identity is to be recognizable, memorable and, hopefully, loveable. In every expression, whether it’s an ad campaign, or a business card, or the keynote presentation, your audience recognizes you through your face and your voice, and you start to build brand recognition. Different brands express themselves in different ways. Some identities are playful, other masculine and strong. Some brands are sassy, others are purely professional. A great identity should fit you like a tailor-made suit. A starter kit composed of a logo set for print (CMYK) and screen (RGB), typography, color palette and basic layouts ensure that everyone is implementing your brand identity in right manner, avoiding color differences, placement mistakes and similar errors.

This module is focusing on the visual aspects of the social innovation’s identity. By accessing the right tools social innovator will transfer social innovation’s inner world into tangible visual form by working with the design professionals.

What will you learn?

01 Basics of visual identity and its applications

02 How to connect your internal plans with your external market

03 Understanding the design materials you have and identifying the design services you need

04 How to prepare a creative brief

05 How to commission and evaluate design service providers

06 How to evaluate visual identity solutions