What is the SIC Summer School

The SIC Summer School is a learning event whose aim is to support participants to acquire skills and knowledge on how to design a SI solution that address specific local challenges/place based challenges.

SIC summer school is open to a mix of attendees both in terms of back-ground and role: practitioners,  students, researchers, stakeholders and problems owners local authorities work all together by applying co-design methodology and tools.

The SIC summer school usually run along 3 days and half and it is based on a mix of lectures and case studies in the morning and co-design workshops in the afternoons.

The SIC summer school can be organized by any of the local stakeholders that share an interest in a place based challenge.

The notion of place based challenge can be referred to a territory like a city, a region, and rural area or even a smaller context like a neighborhood, a street..

The SIC summer school can be also applied to a place which is intangible like an organization.

Common characteristics of all these contexts are: the presence of a community that would benefit from solving a specific challenge it is affected by and the context dependency of the challenge per se that call for an bottom – up and participatory approach.