Taste of Home

Taste of Home: Social Innovation Laboratory

A Taste of Home started as a culinary-cultural-research project introducing the culture, customs and societies of refugees in Croatia to Croatian citizensby recording their memories of homeand the smells and tastes of their cuisine. The project’s missionunderlinesthe importance of the economic emancipation of refugees and persons with migrant backgrounds through culinary and cultural exchange. The major learning obstacle for the initiative was managing the cooperative, as individual members had to leave due to asylum application denials. In order to overcome the gap in knowledge and skills, the team was able to access international partners and capitalize on well-developed relationships, which was critical in the early phases of the project.

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Dynaklim – Dynamic adaptation of regional planning and development processes to the consequences of climate change in the Emscher-Lippe region


Dynaklim was a regional planning and development process to develop a climate change adaptation strategy for the Emscher-Lippe region. During the course of the project, the elaboration of a Roadmap for 2020 gained relevant importance as a participative tool to develop a common strategy between actors from different institutional and disciplinary backgrounds. The roadmap fleshed out important fields of action, detailing what adaptation measures were to be provided by whom, when and with what resources. Learning how to cooperate and coordinate actions across the network was a pivotal outcome of the project, which was accomplished during the implementation process.

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